other services

In addition to individual and group therapy and classes, I also offer clinical supervision, public speaking, consultation to health care professionals, and collaboration on research.

  • Workshops

    The following workshops can be scheduled:

    • In your right mind: Creative techniques for AD/HD
    • Less is More: Collage to improve focus and decision-making for AD/HD
    • Staying on track-Reaching your goal:Labyrinth for AD/HD
    • Active Meditation Techniques to focus the mind and engage the body
    • An afternoon of self-nurturance for the pregnant mother
    • Belly casting
    • Imagery for pregnancy and birth
    • Birth shirt painting
    • Walking the Birth Laborinth®

    Please call 781-863-8696 for more information.

  • Public Speaking

    I am available to speak on such topics as:

    • Miraculous minds: Using empowering imagery of hypnosis, art, and affirmations for pregnancy and birth
    • Hypnosis for childbearing
    • Birth: What am I afraid of?
    • AD/HD and sensory processing
    • Women and AD/HD
    • AD/HD 101: Nuggets for anyone who has, loves, or works with someone with AD/HD
    • Time awareness and management for the AD/HD mind

    Please call 781-863-8696 for more information.

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  • Consultation

    I am available to consult in a variety of formats:

    • With individuals for second opinions or specialized services
    • With individuals to create celebrations/rituals to mark life transitions
    • With health care professionals for collaboration or to fine-tune their understanding of clients with AD/HD
    • With medical facilities
    • With organizations and businesses
  • Research

    I am interested in the following research topics:

    • Creative tools for shifting neurological states
    • Hypnosis for lactation
    • Imagery as an assessment of coping